Term Times

We follow the Moray Council School term dates as follows.
We do not close on Bank holidays or In-service training days.

Autumn Term: Monday 13 August 2018
First part of term ends: Friday 5 October 2018

October holidays: Monday 8 October 2018
Holiday Ends Friday 19 October 2018

Second part of term: Monday 22 October 2018
Ends: Friday 21 December 2018

Christmas Holiday: Monday 24 December 2018
Holiday Ends: Friday 4 January 2019

Spring Term: Monday 7 January 2019
Ends Friday 29 March 2019

Easter Holiday: Monday 1 April 2019
Holiday Ends: Friday 12 April 2019

Summer Term: Monday 15 April 2019
Ends: Friday 28 June 2019


Autumn Term: Tuesday 20 August 2019
First part of Term Ends Friday 11 October 2019

October Holidays: Monday 14 October 2019
Holiday Ends: Friday 25 October 2019

Second part of Term: Monday 28 October 2019
Ends: Friday 20 December 2019

Christmas Holiday: Monday 23 December 2019
Holiday Ends: Friday 3 January 2020

Spring Term: Monday 6 January 2020
Ends: Friday 27 March 2020

Easter Holiday: Monday 30 March 2020
Holiday Ends: Friday 10 April 2020 (Good Friday)

Summer Term: Monday 13 April 2020
Ends: Thursday 2 July 2020

Disclaimer: These dates were taken from The Moray Council Website as of August 2018. Our Term dates will be the same as The Moray Council, but please check if unsure.


My daughter has been attending Stagestars for the past five years. She attends a variety of classes including dance, gymnastics and the Performing Arts School. I cannot speak highly enough of them. The teaching standard and experiences offered are of an excellent and professional standard. The team are friendly, caring and extremely committed to ensure the pupils reach their full potential. Thank you Stagestars for cultivating a lifelong love for the arts in our children.


My daughter has been attending Stagestars for over three years and has enjoyed a variety of activities including messy play and ballet and now currently attends gymnastics and the junior school. The classes they offer are fantastic, my daughter is always so enthusiastic to attend and delighted coming home showing off new skills she’s been learning. The staff are brilliant, all so friendly towards the whole family, and we all look forward to getting some home bakes in the cafe too. My daughter had her 5th birthday party here and their attention to detail was second to none, nothing was too big of an ask.


My Son has attended the Stagestars Junior class for two years now.
This 1 hr class is the highlight of his week and I cannot recommend it enough!
As well as learning fantastic new skills and techniques in relation to Singing, dancing, and Drama, the class has helped him to be able to express himself, to gain in confidence and self esteem and allowed him the opportunity to meet other children with similar likes and interests to him.
I cannot praise the staff enough for their commitment, enthusiasm and passion they show in how they teach the children, getting to know them not just as a class but as individuals with different skills and strengths.
Thank you to everyone at Stagestars!


Many thanks to Margaret and Seonaid for the excellent keyboard and music reading skills my daughter has learnt during the group keyboard lessons at Stagestars. The most fantastic thing of all is that she has so much fun during the lessons, that the learning seems to be happening without her even realising! A brilliant way to learn musical skills for primary ages, thanks Stagestars!


My son looks forward to his Stagestars class every Thursday and has been attending now for 2 years.Having the mix of the three classes is just fantastic; music, drama and dance, which I feel gives a much stronger rounded performer. The school is like a second family to him and it’s wonderful that he is not the only boy, which used to be case at other dance classes he tried. It’s also wonderful for him to mix with children away from his day to day schooling, which will help him not only in performance, but the bigger social picture of life. Traveling 40miles is a commitment, but one worth having and getting home late after 9, but with a total buzz of what the new song or dance move is. Wonderful to see such enthusiasm and passion from a ten year old boy. Thank you Seonaid and the whole team.