Performing Arts School (7-19 years)

Thursday evenings from 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Students at the Performing Arts School study singing, dance and drama. The school is divided into three age groups and each group is taught each discipline for approximately 50 minutes with comfort breaks in between. At times, the three groups work together on projects, which allow students of all ages to integrate and learn from each other.

The singing session aims to develop the social, emotional and physical aspects of singing. Every student will develop his or her singing technique, musical knowledge and self confidence. Throughout the session students will learn about the following: vocal exercises, breathing technique, posture, structure, expression, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, melodic range, melodic shape, musical form and musical style. Students will learn to follow a conductor and illustrate the meaning or drama of a song through facial expression, movement and staging. Individually they will develop their vocal tone, control, range, volume and expressive quality. Singing lessons will include a variety of unison and harmony work, and will be based on a variety of musical styles depending on the focus of the lesson and the theme of the forthcoming production.

Dance involves choreographed routines and freestyle work in varying styles including jazz, stage, tap, ballet, contemporary, highland, various world dance traditions and modern hip-hop. Throughout the session, students will work on their coordination, musicality, presentation, style, deportment, technique and strength. A funky aerobic warm up begins the session which is sometimes followed by strength and conditioning routines to encourage suppleness and body strength. Students will then be taught dances specific to the styles being incorporated in the upcoming production.

Drama lessons focus on many different aspects of theatre. The aim with the younger children is to develop imagination, observation, discipline and confidence. Using drama games, improvised scenes, script work and poetry, we develop voice projection, stage presence and characterisation. The students are encouraged to work individually and in groups of varying size. With the older children we work on more advanced dramatic techniques and scripts. We explore dramatic styles, accents and characterisation as well as audition technique and monologues.

Our teachers are very passionate about performing and believe wholly in the benefits that can be gained through performing arts education. Students learn skills which enhance their unique talents and self confidence both on stage and in general day to day life.


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