Voice Lessons

Our voice lessons provide an excellent foundation for absolute beginners, as well as for those with previous experience who want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of singing. Our course aims to develop the social, emotional and physical aspects of singing. Every student will develop his or her singing technique, musical knowledge and self confidence.

Throughout the session, students will learn about the following: vocal exercises, breathing technique, posture, structure, expression, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, melodic range, melodic shape, musical form and musical style. Students will learn how to illustrate the meaning or drama of a song through facial expression, movement and staging. Individually they will develop their vocal tone, control, range, volume and expressive quality. Singing lessons will include a variety of solo and ensemble work and will be based on a variety of musical styles depending on the focus of the lesson or requirements of the students.

Each lesson begins with a thorough vocal warm up, then progresses to learning various repertoire while exploring vocal techniques within. With regular lessons our students voices grow in strength and flexibility giving them a sense of control and confidence when singing. Best of all, lessons are a lot of fun! While they do cover a lot of material, they are taught in a light hearted manner to put students at ease.

If you enjoy singing, and would like to develop your skills or repertoire, then come along to our Stagestars Singing Classes where you will receive high quality tuition by experienced teachers and performers.