Safeguarding our students and your children

These are the procedures that we have in place in order to protect your child/children whilst attending Stagestars. It is important that you and your child understand these procedures, so please sign below to say that you have read this information.

Car parking:

Unfortunately, our car park is only to be used by staff. Please do not park there unless you have a special arrangement with us, ie. disabled badge holder. As you know, we only have a single lane to the car park, so it must be kept clear at all times for pedestrians during our opening hours. We appreciate that it is inconvenient in bad weather, but the safety of our students is paramount, so please refrain from using the car park at all times.

Sign in and out:

At the start of each lesson a register is taken for Fire safety, but we also have an extra level of security with regards to dropping off and collecting your child. At reception we have a ‘sign in/out’ book, please make sure that each time you drop off your child, that you sign them in to the building, and on collection that you sign them out, so that we know they have been collected safely. If you are staying in the cafe please also sign yourself in and out, so we know you are there in the event of a fire.

Who is allowed to collect your child other than parents?

If someone other than a parent or known guardian is taking your child to and from Stagestars, we do require that you inform us of this. Also, on the contrary, if there is ever anyone who you do not want collecting your child, it is your responsibility to inform us of this request in writing, so that staff are made aware.

Do you allow your child who is under 16 to walk home alone?

If you allow your child to walk home his/her own, and if the child is under 16 years, we do require a signature from a parent confirming that this is your request, please see below. Once the child leaves our building we cannot be held responsible for their safety and wellbeing.

What happens if parents/guardians are late?

We do expect you to be prompt in collecting your children, as our teachers are usually going from one class straight on to teach another. However, we do understand that on rare occasions there are unforeseen circumstances that could prevent you from being on time. Therefore, please reinforce to your children that if they are not collected on time, they should never leave the building. They should report to a member of staff or Donna in the cafe and there they will be kept safe until you arrive or we make contact with you to make arrangements. Again, if you arrange for someone else to collect your child, we do require to be informed of this arrangement by letter or text. Please send a text if you are going to be late, as it saves a lot of worry by your child. Seonaid: 07976221821.

Our insurance covers the children when they are part of our classes, and in the care of our staff. Our staff cannot be responsible for them if they leave our building, so please reinforce to your children that they must not leave without a parent or guardian, if under 16 years, unless with prior arrangement as noted below.


I love gymnastics. My favourite things are doing circle ups on the bars and handsprings on the air track. The coaches are so nice and they always encourage me to try new things!


Stagestars Scotland is a well organised, professionally run stage school on your doorstep which provides a variety of music, dance and drama based activities for all ages to a standard you would expect in large city. And how do I know this – well I’m proud to say that my family and I are part of it. My son has grown in confidence, achieved great things, stretched his ability and loved his 9 years as part of the team, and is looking forward to having 10 years under his belt as a performing arts student. The new home of Stagestars has also allowed him to learn to play keyboard and extend his dance skills. The adult theatre school has given me the chance to return to a hobby which I enjoyed before I had my family, and given me opportunities which I thought had long gone! All thanks to Seonaid and her amazing staff.


My daughter has been attending Stagestars for the past five years. She attends a variety of classes including dance, gymnastics and the Performing Arts School. I cannot speak highly enough of them. The teaching standard and experiences offered are of an excellent and professional standard. The team are friendly, caring and extremely committed to ensure the pupils reach their full potential. Thank you Stagestars for cultivating a lifelong love for the arts in our children.


My Son has attended the Stagestars Junior class for two years now.
This 1 hr class is the highlight of his week and I cannot recommend it enough!
As well as learning fantastic new skills and techniques in relation to Singing, dancing, and Drama, the class has helped him to be able to express himself, to gain in confidence and self esteem and allowed him the opportunity to meet other children with similar likes and interests to him.
I cannot praise the staff enough for their commitment, enthusiasm and passion they show in how they teach the children, getting to know them not just as a class but as individuals with different skills and strengths.
Thank you to everyone at Stagestars!


The staff at Stagestars are always friendly, caring and professional.