Members Code of Conduct

Stagestars School of Performing and Creative Arts is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all students. The School believes that it is important that students, teachers, parents and spectators associated with Stagestars should, at all times, show respect for the safety and welfare of others.

Therefore, all members of Stagestars Scotland should comply by this Code of Conduct.


Respect others

  • Stagestars Scotland is a school in which all members are expected to respect the rights of others and to support and encourage themselves and others to reach the highest standards. We have basic rules based around common sense and the adage that ‘one should treat others as you would like them to treat you’.
  • Show respect to students and teachers at all times and do not address them in a
    negative or condescending manner.
  • Always be friendly and encouraging to your fellow students and staff.
  • Treat all participants, as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or
    take unfair advantage of another person.
  • All members, staff and parents must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • In auditions and competitions, be prepared to lose sometimes. Everyone wins and loses at some time. Be a modest winner and good loser. Always respect the decision of the teacher or judge as final, and believe that the decision has been made in the best interest of all concerned.
  • Always speak to a member of staff with any concerns you may have regarding bullying,
    unfair treatment or any other personal matter related to Stagestars.
  • If the matter is not resolved by your teacher, or the matter concerns your teacher, refer
    the matter to Seonaid Clark.
  • In the rare event of a major failing of behaviour or repeated series of failings Stagestars reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude a student from the School. In the event of this tuition fees are not refunded

Dress Code

  • Members must wear appropriate uniform, team kit or costume for lessons and events as agreed with the staff.
  • Keep all long hair tied back. Remove or tape all body jewellery.


My son looks forward to his Stagestars class every Thursday and has been attending now for 4 years. Having the mix of the three classes is just fantastic; music, drama and dance, which I feel gives a much stronger rounded performer. The school is like a second family to him and it’s wonderful that he is not the only boy, which used to be case at other dance classes he tried. It’s also wonderful for him to mix with children away from his day to day schooling, which will help him not only in performance, but the bigger social picture of life. Traveling 40miles is a commitment, but one worth having and getting home late after 9, but with a total buzz of what the new song or dance move is. Wonderful to see such enthusiasm and passion from a thirteen year old boy. Thank you Seonaid and the whole team.


I really enjoy singing, dancing and acting so Stagestars is perfect for me! It’s great fun and I have met new people from other schools. My favourite time is Show time!


My daughter has been attending Stagestars for over three years and has enjoyed a variety of activities including messy play and ballet and now currently attends gymnastics and the junior school. The classes they offer are fantastic, my daughter is always so enthusiastic to attend and delighted coming home showing off new skills she’s been learning. The staff are brilliant, all so friendly towards the whole family, and we all look forward to getting some home bakes in the cafe too. My daughter had her 5th birthday party here and their attention to detail was second to none, nothing was too big of an ask.


Stagestars Scotland is a well organised, professionally run stage school on your doorstep which provides a variety of music, dance and drama based activities for all ages to a standard you would expect in large city. And how do I know this – well I’m proud to say that my family and I are part of it. My son has grown in confidence, achieved great things, stretched his ability and loved his 9 years as part of the team, and is looking forward to having 10 years under his belt as a performing arts student. The new home of Stagestars has also allowed him to learn to play keyboard and extend his dance skills. The adult theatre school has given me the chance to return to a hobby which I enjoyed before I had my family, and given me opportunities which I thought had long gone! All thanks to Seonaid and her amazing staff.


I love gymnastics. My favourite things are doing circle ups on the bars and handsprings on the air track. The coaches are so nice and they always encourage me to try new things!