We’re very excited that our very own Stagestar, Alex Mathieson is taking to the stage in Oliver The Musical at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 May.

This time last year, Alex was starring brilliantly on the big screen alongside famous actors including Eddie Izzard, James Cosmo and Gregor Fisher, in the remake of Whisky Galore

Set during WWII when whisky rationing was in force, Whisky Galore tells the true story of Scottish Islanders getting lucky one stormy night when a ship full of whisky heading for America crashes into rocks and begins to sink.

The locals embark on a whisky rescue mission and Alex’s character, Young Neil, has a very important role in the operation. He is responsible for using flag signals to help tell the locals when it is safe to hide their precious stolen loot.

Alex has been a Stagestar for two years now and in a testimonial for the website, his Mum kindly said that “having the mix of the three classes is just fantastic; music, drama and dance, which I feel gives a much stronger rounded performer. The school is like a second family to him.”

At just 10 years old, we are so proud of all that Alex has achieved so far and we’re so excited to see what’s next! Break a leg in Oliver, Alex!