Students attending our gymnastics lessons have the option of being assessed during class for BAGA (British Amateur Gymnastics Association) Awards.

For beginners aged five years and upwards, The Core Award scheme assists in the progressive development of key gymnastics skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. It also incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities.

There are 10 types of activities and 8 levels of attainment. At each level a student must pass seven out of the possible 10 skills to achieve the award. There are approximately 80 activities within the course to develop core skills.

For children aged 11 and upwards, The Advanced Award assists in the development of core fitness (strength, power, flexibility, coordination) and more advanced gymnastics skills.The course offers a range of activities including fitness, floor, vault and rebound, apparatus, pairs and groups, hand-held apparatus, and dance and aerobics. It broadly underpins development work for Grades, the Next Step Competition Framework and National Development Programmes.

If your child would like to be put forward for BAGA Award assessment, please let us know by clicking below and filling out the short form.